What is IdealMicroscope?

IdealMicroscope© is a unique integrated software environment for drawing crystal structures, transmission and backscattered electron diffraction patterns and stereograms. It performs many crystallographic calculations and assists indexing patterns. Unlike other software, IdealMicroscope is interactive - you can watch changes in patterns as you manipulate tilts and other simulated microscope controls. The program is invaluable for indexing electron diffraction patterns or HOLZ lines, for drawing and rotating crystal structures, transforming cells, finding (and converting) X-ray and electron structure factors and excitation errors, examining three-dimensional reciprocal lattices, obtaining projections of structures, measuring interatomic distances and a host of other operations. A powerful calculator is included for common electron and x-ray crystallographic computations.

The Microcope Controls

IdealMicroscope has a control panel for x and y crystal tilts, beam deflection and camera length for electron diffraction. It also has three push bouttons for imaging , diffraction and stereographic projection modes. You can manipulate electron diffraction pattern or crystal structure or stereogram by interacting with these controls with a mouse.

Crystal Structure

IdealMiceoscope plots both crystal structure and reciprocal lattice in either three-dimensional clinographic projection or two-dimensional projection. IdealMiceoscope also offers a number of options including crystal bonds drawing, wireframe diagram, and size of atom, and utilities for multiplying the number of cells and structure transformation. Distance or angle between atoms or reciprocal lattice points can be directly measured from screen by pointing and clicking on desired atoms or points.

Electron Diffraction Pattern

Both standard selected area diffraction (SAD) and CBED with HOLZ lines are plotted for any incident beam direction using kinematic approximation.

Microscope parameters can be set in various dialog boxes. Like in a real electron microscope, appeareance of diffraction pattern is controled by the exposure level. The intensity for each reflection is assigned based on both structure factor and excitation error. Various operations can be performed on the electron diffraction pattern in IdealMicroscope, such as finding out beam direction, excitation error and kinematic and two-beam intensities.

Backscattered Electron Kikuchi Pattern

IdealMicroscope plots BEKP by projecting the three-dimensional cons precisely onto two-dimensional plan. BEKP can be manipulated and indexed in similar way as diffraction pattern.


Stereodiagram is rotated in correspondence to diffraction pattern. It is used as a navigation map for crystal tilt. You can tilt crystal to any desired zone axis orientation by clicking in stereodiagram or through a dialog box. Angle between two zone axes.

Crystal Calculator

A powerful calculator is included for scaler, complex and vector of real and reciprocal lattice operations. There are many function keys for length of vector, x-ray and electron structure factors, wavelength, Bragg angle and transformation between real and reciprocal lattice.

Crystal Structure Data

IdealMicroscope creates and display crystal structure data in a spread sheet type data winodw

Crystal structure can also be input via a text file. IdealMicroscope works with structures of all symmetry. The limit on the size of crystal depends on memory and speed of your Macintosh computer.

Special Features

Interactive and precise plotting of

  • Crystal Structure
  • Reciprocal Lattice
  • Electron Diffraction Pattern
  • CBED Pattern
  • HOLZ Lines
  • Backsacttered Electron Kikuchi Patterns
  • Stereodiagram
and more:

  • Crystallographic Calculator
  • diffraction Pattern Indexing
  • Crystal Structure Transformation
  • Double-tilt Stage Navigation

System Requirements

IdealMicroscope© runs on any Macintosh® with a math coprocessor. A display with colors or gray level will be a plus but is not necessary.

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